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Security Guard

Security Gard

Job Description:

Unarmed security, observes and reports activities and incidents at an assigned client site, providing for the security and safety of client property and personnel. Makes periodic patrols to check for irregularities and to inspect protection devices and fire control equipment. Preserves order and may act to enforce regulations and directives for the site pertaining to personnel, visitors, and premises. Controls access to client site or facility through the admittance process. Patrols assigned site on foot. Checks for unsafe conditions, hazards, unlocked doors, security violations, blocked entrances and exits, mechanical problems, and unauthorized persons. Protects evidence or scene of incident in the event of accidents, emergencies, or security investigations. Responds to incidents of fire, medical emergency, bomb threat, flooding, water discharge, elevator emergency, hazardous materials, inclement weather, and other incidents. Prepares logs and reports as required. Specific duties or tasks may vary and be documented separately. The employee might not be required to perform all functions listed if stated. Additional duties may be assigned, and functions may be modified, according to business necessity.

Job Requirements:

The physical and mental requirements of this job include long periods of sitting, walking or standing, (depending on the company’s securing preference); as well as metal detector searches and/or pat-down searches. Job also requires walking up flights of stairs and on uneven terrain at times. Additional physical requirements may include, frequent lifting and/or moving up to 10 pounds and occasional lifting and/or moving up to 25 pounds. Must be able to meet and continue to meet any applicable state, county and municipal licensing requirements for unarmed Security Officers.

Job Payment:

$15 an hour, cash money or debit after job

– Currently no benefits

– On-Call schedule

Audio Engineering

Job Description:

Understanding client briefs and selecting the appropriate sound and mixing equipment for the project. Effectively communicating with clients and coordinating with other staff members to ensure deadlines are met and projects are completed to specifications. Editing, mixing, and manipulating recorded and live sound. Setting up equipment safely and on time. Potentially designing audio systems and advising clients on equipment purchases. Testing and troubleshooting equipment regularly, and replacing any faulty components. Potentially fixing and enhancing sound at live events. Collaborating and networking with other Audio Engineers and professionals in the field. Participating in training opportunities and constantly finding new ways to improve skills.

Job Requirements:

Prior experience/Resume/Certificate or Degree in Audio Engineering. Practical experience with sound equipment. Superb ear for sound. Ability to work under pressure and stay calm when things go wrong. Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. Professional self-starter with a growth mindset.

Job Payment & Schedule:

$20 and up per hour, cash money or debit after job

– On-call schedule

– Currently no benefits